Testing and Consulting Services


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Nautilus Environmental provides full-service analytical testing. Our accredited laboratory’s core services include stormwater analysis, hazardous waste and product testing, Toxicity Identification Evaluations (TIEs), Toxicity Reduction Evaluations (TREs), integrated field studies and watershed evaluations, and bioassay testing.

We conduct marine, freshwater, and terrestrial bioassays on a variety of sample types including sediments, soils, municipal and industrial effluents, stormwater runoff, chemical and agricultural products, and receiving waters.

Aquatic Testing Services

  • Effluents, Storm water runoff, Ambient and Receiving waters, NPDES, ASBS monitoring
  • Chemical and Product evaluations, MSDS development, Hazardous waste characterization
  • Acute & Chronic toxicity testing with freshwater, estuarine, and marine species
  • Water Effect Ration (WER) and Site-specific Water Quality Criterion (WQC) development
  • Product evaluations including OPPTS methods

Toxicity Identification/Reduction Evaluations

  • Liquid matrices: effluents, surface waters, storm water runoff
  • Sediment matrices: Whole sediment, sediment elutriate, and sediment porewater
  • TRE workplans, reviews

Sediment and Soil Testing

  • Sediment and soil toxicity testing with freshwater, estuarine, and marine species
  • Bioaccumulation exposures of freshwater, estuarine, and marine species
  • Whole sediment, interface core, elutriate, porewater and preparation testing
  • Chemical and biological evaluations of proposed dredge material
  • Sediment Quality Objective Evaluations

Consulting and Field Services

  • Mining, Metals, and Pesticide impacts on aquatic systems
  • Critical evaluations and reports, data and information reviews, audit services
  • Site-specific criteria design, implantation, interpretation and negotiation
  • Risk assessment support
  • Method design and development for project-specific constraints, controls, or local species
  • Bioassessment support for SWAMP, CRAM
  • Oil dispersant certification testing