Nautilus Environmental (Nautilus), an Enthalpy company and part of the Montrose Environmental Group, was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.  We specialize in toxicity testing and related services.  Our team of scientists offer study design, planning, review, quality assurance, and regulatory support as well as the analysis, integration, interpretation, validation and application of toxicity data. Our 17,000 square-foot facility, built from the ground up in 2011, is an accredited environmental toxicology laboratory offering the full range of toxicity testing for water, storm water, sediment, soil, product, and chemical samples. We partner with clients and colleagues to support many types of programs including NPDES permit compliance, storm water and other environmental monitoring, and water and sediment quality evaluations. Our experience also includes collection, planning, and QA support for field studies, and specialty consulting for TMDLs, BMP effectiveness studies, Sediment Quality Objectives, risk assessment, and site-specific criterion development.

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Who We Are

Nautilus is a firm of responsive, applied scientists with a focus generating high quality, legally defensible data to address our clients’ questions and resolve issues with credible, science-based solutions and recommendations. We conduct projects for a variety of partners in commercial, federal, municipal, academic, and non-profit sectors across international geography.

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Peter Arth, Laboratory Director





Katie Payne, Laboratory Manager





Adrienne Cibor, Senior Project Manager





Kasey Skrivseth, Project Manager, Sediment Lead